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off camera flash for wedding photographers

Ever walk into a reception venue and freeze at the thought of where to set up your off camera flash?

Yeah, me too!

As a natural light photographer, flash is intimidating but I promise, it doesn't have to be hard! 

We're giving away all the good stuff at this one day off camera flash workshop! From set up, to ideal settings, how to capture a sparkler exit and everything in between.

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With Carrie Leigh Photography and
Rocha & Co Photography

a little about us


Chelsey is a West Virginia wedding photographer and educator. She specializes in a bright, colorful and true to life edits. 


"Although I would take sunshine over flash any day, as a wedding photographer it's something I have to know how to do well, even if it's not my favorite cup of tea. My clients count on those sweet, hilarious, unforgettable moments that take place during getting ready and the reception and they must be documented!"

a little about us


Carrie is also a West Virginia wedding photographer with a similar bright and colorful style and actually loves flash photography! 


"The reception is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. It's when everyone gets to dance, mingle and have fun! Being able to capture those moments with flash so that they are cohesive to the rest of my work is so important to me."

beginners camera class student

"I had a (very) general understanding of the camera functions/settings (from my own research and watching YouTube videos) before, but having you explain how they all work together, showing me how to quickly change them on my camera, and giving me a starting point with each one have already helped me so much!"

beginners camera class student

"It was so enlightening to learn about all the things my camera can do that I didn’t know about. I know I could have googled some of the things but I am definitely more of a hands on learner and I needed the class to push me there. It was inspiring to hear your story about your journey as a photographer and I felt as though you were very supportive of all of us there even if we were just there for our hobby."

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Here's what's included:

what to expect

• 3 hour workshop teaching you all about off camera flash including set up, gear and more.
• Learn about the proper settings to use for different scenarios throughout a wedding day.
• Hands on shooting with a real couple as they mimic a reception entrance, first dance, cake cutting and more.
• Sparkler exit and night portraits!


This workshop is for you if:

This workshop is probably NOT for you if:

You struggle with off camera flash at any point during the wedding day.

You have a very general or little knowledge of how off camera flash works.

You don't use off camera flash at all but know you need to this wedding season.

You already have a vast knowledge of how off camera flash works.

You don't enjoy learning hands on in person and would rather watch prerecorded videos.

You are happy with your current off camera flash set up and love your flash images.

You already have a vast knowledge of how off camera flash works.

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Friday, March 19th
6pm-9pm (sparkler exit & night portraits!!)
Almost Heaven Barn,
Shinnston, WV


Friday, March 19th
6pm-9pm (sparkler exit & night portraits!!)
Almost Heaven Barn,
Shinnston, WV




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