A New Year, A Renewed Vision for Rocha & Co.

2019 is here! I’m not sure how, but 2018 is in the books and it was an amazing year for Rocha & Co. I was blessed to be a part of some amazing events, including gorgeous weddings, retreats where I learned so much, and family moments that you shared with me. As I head into 2019, I am so excited for all that is headed my way. Personally, I’m looking forward to even more amazing memories to be made with my little one and the most amazing husband who has supported this dream. Professionally, I’m eager to photograph even more weddings this year, revamping my brand so that it encompasses all that West Virginia has to offer the wedding industry. With all that, I’m so excited for you to see my brand new website. Introducing Rocha & Co. Weddings!

2019 is going to be amazing! My new focus on weddings and how I can serve my community of creatives is at the forefront of my goals. If I had to choose a “resolution”, it would be to give my clients, my family, and the creatives I work with each day the best parts of me- the dedication to them they deserve. The year is already filled to the brim with exciting opportunities that I can’t wait to share with you all. Thank you for always supporting this journey of mine and for your continued love as we head into the New Year!

5 Things You May Not Know

Rocha & Co Weddings, A New Year, A Renewed Vision for Rocha & Co.

1. I’m a Gilmore girls addict. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen the entire series, but it’s one of those always on in the background shows that feels nostalgic to me. Some of my favorite quotes are from the show.

2. Chocolate chips cookies are my fave. Don’t try to argue that raisins are better in cookies than chocolate chips. You would be wrong.

3. I’ve been married to my husband for 3 years and we have the cutest little boy ever. Lucas is the light of our lives and being able to capture moments in his life as a photographer is something I will always cherish.

“This thing we’re doing here — me, you — I just want you know I’m in. I’m all in.”

4. If you ever need to find me, try Homegoods first.

5. I’m so excited to head into 2019 as a Tuesdays Together Leader. Tuesday’s together is part of the Rising Tide Society. It’s a group of creatives across the country that get together once a month to learn from each other and grow as creatives. As a leader of the West Virginia chapter, I’m excited to encourage other creatives in the area to follow their passion, to support each other, and to understand that it’s all about #communityovercompetition. We’re in this together and the more we support each other, the more successful we will each be in our respective fields. Learn more about how you can be a part of Tuesdays Together by following this link.

Rocha & Co Weddings, Rising Tide Society, Tuesdays Together, A New Year, A Renewed Vision for Rocha & Co.

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