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February 17, 2020

Did you see my latest freebie?! To me, in my business and for my brides, organization is one of the biggest elements on a wedding day. I love sitting down and creating a perfectly organized wedding day timeline for my couples to not only keep us on track but also to make sure we aren’t to miss anything!

So I created a FREE wedding day timeline that you can download HERE!

This is the exact timeline I keep in mind when I organize my wedding days. Of course, all weddings are different and timelines almost always have to be adjusted *a little bit* depending on a few different factors; like ceremony/reception location, length of ceremony, family/wedding part size, if you’re planning on doing a first look, etc.

Over the years and each wedding I’ve been included in, I’ve become known as the “efficient photographer” and it’s a badge I wear proudly. If you were to go back and look at my Facebook reviews from past couples you’d see that hardly any of them focus on my photos but most focus on their experience and how I run a wedding day.

See a few real wedding reviews here:

“Chelsey’s photos speak for them selves, but she was also a dream to work with. She’s organized, timely, professional, but also creates friendships with her clients.” – Abby M.

“She was so helpful leading up to the wedding and created a photo timeline so everything ran smoothly. She was very professional and so talented.” – Chelsey E.

“She helped us organize our day and helped us stay PERFECTLY on schedule, which I imagine was very difficult with our busy day! She worked really well with our wedding party and huge families to capture some photos we will treasure forever.” – Katie M.

Being able to take beautiful photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime is only one part of it. I’ve come to realize that wedding days are for much more than pretty pictures. Wedding days are about you and your new husband/wife. They are about spending time with friends and family. They are about getting to actually eat that expensive meal that you’ve planned and prepared for (this can only be done if you are ON TIME for the reception!) They are about getting back to your guests as quick as possible to make sure you can enjoy the most of your wedding and you don’t leave guests waiting for hours. Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life and a day you remember forever. I want you to have the absolute best wedding day possible and spend it actually enjoying your time and not just posing for photos.

If wedding planning has your head spinning and you don’t even know where to start with planning times for things, I’d love for you to get your hands on this freebie. It will at least give you a great starting point for your events throughout your wedding day!

I still have just a couple more wedding dates I can book in 2020 and a whole bunch left for 2021! If you’re reading this thinking you need some organization in your life, I’d love to meet up and chat to see if we could be a great fit!

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