TuesdaysTogether Headshot Swap | Mea Cuppa Coffee Lounge

January 22, 2019

Yesterday our group got to meet up for a headshot swap and it turned out way too perfect! As entrepreneurs we often need LOTS of photos of ourselves. For our websites, social media, yada yada. This is common knowledge known by every business owner out there, but actually finding the time to take those headshots is a different story.If you aren’t familiar with what a headshot swap is, it goes like this: all entrepreneurs in our TuesdaysTogether are welcome. The photographers in the group bring their cameras and do the snapping. Everyone kind of just switches off taking shots and posing and everyone ends up with brand new headshots of themselves and it always turns out to be super fun!

Mea Cuppa Coffee Lounge is newer to Elk City in Charleston. The first time I walked in and saw it decorated perfectly, window light everywhere, and the super cute hand cut wooden bar, I knew we had to get together there. It was the perfect location for our swap! So a huge thanks to Mea Cuppa for letting us go snap happy in your cafe! (Besides the atmosphere, the coffee is also delish!)Most of our regular meeting attendees showed up for the swap! Unfortunately, due to snow and ice, a few couldn’t make it. But I’m definitely still calling yesterday a win because look at these lovely ladies! (I’ll also share a little about what they do, too!)

First up, Megan and Lindsay of Rock Paper Sisters. These girls couldn’t be more natural in front of the camera and I love taking their photos! If you couldn’t tell, they are twins! They co-own Rock Paper Sisters which they created in 2012 with the intention of providing unique, custom created stationery. Since then, their design talents have evolved to offer a variety of products and services for their clients! They are fantastic at a myriad of things when it comes to their business and they are just as fantastic to be around! We love having them in our community! Next up, Katie Rugeley Shuman of The Initialed Life which is a monogramming and embroidery online shop where she creates beautiful custom designs! Make sure and give her a follow! We love having Katie join us every month! Next is Courtney of Courtney Dorsey Photography. Courtney specializes in newborn photography and is located in Barboursville (we still call her one of our own!) Courtney is the sweetest soul ever, we love having her around! She also holds an extra special place in my heart because she’s taken some of my favorite photos of Lucas!  Then we have Nicholette Inman of Be Merry Weddings and Special Events. Nicholette is a wedding and event planner. She just announced she is also expanding her services to florals and more! If you’re a bride, she has your back. I’m excited to continue working with her this wedding season!  Next up, we have a new member to the group! This is Sarah Arthur of Style by Say. She is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and we are so excited for her to join us in 2019! This is Chelsea Kinzinger of Locks and Looks fashion and beauty blog. She is also a newer member to the group and she has just fit right in perfectly with us. Not to mention, check out that outfit. We all had some fuzzy jacket envy! Our next gal is Hannah Tate of Truly Hannah Tate. She is also a fashion and lifestyle blogger. So far she has worn cheetah print both times we’ve met up, so I have no doubt she’s my kinda person!Next up is Christy Conley, she is a travel agent at Vacation No Limits. She is always ready for our brides when they need honeymoon recommendations! Christy is new to the group as well but in the short time we’ve known her, we are just so thankful to have her join us every month!  This is Brittany Downey of Young Eye Photography. Brittany specializes in many kinds of photography and we love following along with her work! And last but not least, there’s me! Y’all probably know what I do – but just incase you don’t! I am a wedding photographer based in Charleston. I get to serve some of the best clients out there and I love what I do! 

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