West Virginia University Elopement | Carly + Alex

May 11, 2020

It’s no secret that COVID is wrecking the wedding industry right now. As sad as I am that my wedding season is being rearranged, I don’t imagine it’s anything close to what my poor couples are feeling right now. Carly + Alex were first up on my schedule this year. I was so excited to spend my first wedding day of 2020 with them and their handsome boy, Cash! They held on to their original wedding plans as long as humanly possibly but in the end, they decided to have a socially distant ceremony with their parents on their original date and postpone the big party until July at JQ Dickinson Salt Works in Charleston, WV.

Saturday was the wedding date they had imagined for months and the day they desperately always wanted to celebrate their anniversary on for many years to come. They just couldn’t imagine having to completely change the date on which they said “I do”. So they didn’t! When Carly first told me they were deciding to elope, I was kind of excited! I guess you could consider my couples a little more traditional in the sense that they want to spend their wedding day getting ready with their friends, being pampered with hair, makeup and mimosas, enjoying a wonderful dinner together with their friends and family and dancing the night away. Usually wedding days in my book are no small task. They’re all day events with all the bells and whistles – which trust me – I LOVE! But I was excited to share in something small and intimate with Carly and Alex.

Although a wee bit chilly, Saturday was gorgeous. Granted Woodburn is always a beautiful background but we had some magnificent light to go along with their portraits after the ceremony.

Ways to make this photographer happy? Gorgeous light and golden retrievers!! The start to our 2020 wedding season was a win in my book!! Here are a few of my favorites!

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