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January 11, 2019

At the end of 2018, I was presented with the awesome opportunity of taking over leadership of our local TuesdaysTogether group here in Charleston! I jumped at the chance because 1. TuesdaysTogether has changed my business in SO many ways 2. I made a handful of my best creative friends from TuesdaysTogether and 3. It is honestly the best creative community I have ever been apart of and I couldn’t stand the thought of the group dissolving!

I have been doing lots of planning for our 2019 meetings. Our first official TuesdaysTogether meeting is being held next Wednesday (Yes, I know – wrong day of the week), January 16th at The Retreat in Charleston. I am so super excited to get together with my creative bunch and talk business planning for the new year.

We are immediately following our first meeting with a Sunday morning coffee and headshot swap at a local cafe! I hope to plan many more little “extra” events for our group this year because let’s be honest: if you’re an entrepreneur or work from home, it’s so easy to get stir crazy and it’s just good practice to get out and TALK to people! A huge goal of mine in 2019 is going to be to PUT THE PHONE DOWN. I want to disconnect as much as physically possible (yes, it’s hard when I practically run my business from my phone..)

These are just a few of the beautiful faces of local entrepreneurs in our area. We sure have an awesome community!

(Indoor, florescent lighting + iPhone photo quality =)

If you’re a local creative or small business owner, I’d love to see you at a meet-up soon! And if you have questions about our #communityovercompetition simply reach out to me, I’d love to tell you all about us! You can also join our Facebook group directly from this link! https://www.facebook.com/groups/969017449910367

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