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Another local photographer did a blog post sort of like this a while back and I found it super helpful to have hard info laid out in front of my eyes to get a look into what the whole booking process will be like. I get it, you’re new to this whole being engaged thing. And quite honestly, a photographer is one of the first vendors new brides look for because 1. engagement photos and 2. photographers tend to book up quickly especially during peak wedding season. So I’m basically here to tell you that if you have a lot of anxiety about planning a whole wedding, finding the perfect wedding vendors, and everything else planning a wedding throws at you –  I’m here to help anyway I can, and not just by taking the pretty photos!

(even though I do love taking those….)

I’ve made it pretty easy to find our wedding collection on our website. You can go straight to our investments page to see the price and everything your collection will include. If my style appeals to you and we are within budget, the next thing you’d do would be to send us an email via the contact page! I have a super awesome client management software that directs every inquiry to my phone so I’m sure to never miss anything (cause email – yuck). I’m usually fairly quick at getting back to you, sometimes within minutes.

But on the rare occasion I am out of the office, traveling, in swim lessons or kindermusik with my little – I’ll get back back to you personally within 24 hours! In that email, depending on how much info I am given on the initial contact form, I may ask you more about your wedding, *hopefully* tell you we are available for your wedding date, send a more detailed list of our wedding collection and explain how payment and contract will work upon booking. It’s really pretty easy. Remember I said I have that really awesome management software? It allows you to do everything from your phone or computer! Signing your contract, paying your retainer, and filling out the short questionnaire I’ll send you as soon as you’re booked!

On that questionnaire, I’ll just make sure I have a good phone number for you, your mailing address (because I love sending surprises in the mail) and I’ll ask you if you have a timeframe in mind for your engagement session.

Once we set a date for your engagement session, let the wardrobe magic happen! The engagement session is long enough to allow for an outfit change so I always suggest my couples starting out in a dressy option (maybe renting a dress from Rent The Runway and a suit for your guy) and then a more casual option (something that will look nice in photos, but something that’s also a little more you). I’m always just an email away if you ever need help planning! I also have a Pinterest board specifically made for my couples to draw inspiration from. (

Your engagement gallery will be delivered the same way your wedding photos will be, via online gallery. You should expect to have your photos back within 2 weeks of your session! And yes, it is always okay to use these photos for your Save The Dates!! (send me one, too!)

After your engagement session, we may not have much contact until closer to the wedding unless you need some help with vendor recommendations. I have tons of vendors that I love to work with and I am always ready to share those names! I have the whole list from florists, to DJ’s, hair and makeup, etc. Finding vendors for my own wedding was the hardest part. I didn’t even know where to begin, I wish I had thought to ask my photographer!

During those months, you’ll still be receiving emails from me prompting you that your monthly payment is coming due. You simply click the link in the email and it will take you straight where you need to go to make your payment.

About a month before your wedding (ALMOST WEDDING TIME!) I will send you a rather lengthly questionnaire. It may take you a little time to fill out but the more info we have up front, the more prepared everyone will be on the wedding day. This is the questionnaire that helps me come up with our shooting timeline for your wedding day. I will ask questions regarding what time hair and makeup starts, exact GPS addresses to the ceremony and reception, vendor information, and a really important one: your family formal list. This is one thing couples may not think about before the wedding. After your ceremony is done, we will go straight into family formals. These are the photos of the bride and groom with parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles, cousins and so on. It is crucial that we get names and relations of these people as my associate photographer will be calling their names from a list so we can knock these photos out FAST! (It’s all explained in the questionnaire) It’s also very important that you tell every person on that list that they must find you after your ceremony for photos. This way, no one is missing and we aren’t wasting time looking for uncle Fred!

It’s finally wedding day!!

With all the information from the questionnaire, I’ve come up with a really descriptive timeline for us. Everyone will be on the same page and it really helps make the day run seamlessly. Your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye. We hug and say our goodbyes and wish you a safe and fun honeymoon!

Now what? When can you see pictures?? Believe me, I am just as excited as you are about your wedding photos. It takes a special kind of person to throw themselves into the stress and chaos of a wedding every single weekend. I shoot weddings because it’s something I’m passionate about and when I can finally get those photos off my camera and to my computer to start editing, I am like a kid on Christmas morning! Usually within a day or two, you’ll be tagged in previews on our Facebook page. Make sure we are friends on FB and you’re following us on our Facebook page. Facebook is super weird about businesses tagging others, so that just makes it a lot easier! Please SHARE AWAY! We love when you share your previews on Facebook. All of your guests are so excited to see the photos and we LOVE seeing all the comments pour in about how perfect your day was.

After that, we try and get a blog post up preview even more photos for you. Blogs can feature anywhere from 50-100 photos! Again, please share!!

And then, about a month after your wedding you’re going to receive an email from me. THIS IS THE EMAIL YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!! Your photos are done and your fingers won’t be able to click fast enough to get you in that gallery! Once you go through your photos once, twice, or even 20 times – I always love receiving an email back stating that you in fact did get your photos and how much you love them! It’s the little things. Your thank you can make my whole week. You’ll also have the chance to order prints/canvases from your gallery at 50% off!

After sometime with your photos. After you and your fiance have had the chance to thoroughly look through and pick favorites, I ask that you create a favorites list (there is a really simple feature within the online gallery that helps you create this list) These are the photos that will be in your wedding album! I will throw your favorites into an album and send you a proof email. Once you approve of all photos and the layout, it’s off to production. Your wedding album is back within *2 DAYS*!! (If you haven’t picked up on it, I, too, am not a very patient person and love when things get done quickly!)

You’ll be receiving one last package from me including your beautiful USB containing your wedding photos as well as your engagement session, your wedding album, and a thank you note. While our working relationship may finally come to a close, this is the time where I hope we have developed enough of a relationship that you feel comfortable enough to share my name with all of your friends and family! Referrals in a small business mean the world (literally, it’s how our businesses grow). Every time you share my name and a couple books – you can expect an extra little surprise from me!

If you are a new bride, I hope you found this blog post helpful! I take pride in being an open book. Honestly is always #1 and I have no problem being up front with you during any part of your booking process with us! Having laid all of this information out for you, I hope that you read it and connect with us about capturing your wedding day. We’d love to tell your story #beautifullyauthentic and #capturedcolorfully

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